1. We ask that English be the only language used on all Discord and in-game chats--text and voice.

2. Please be aware of others when speaking in chats—text, voice and/or in-game. Profanity is not allowed. Remember that these are public servers and children may be present. Staff has final say in what is or isn’t considered suitable. Respect everyone.

3. Any player who appears to be under the influence of any legal or illegal substance(s) will be asked to leave both the Discord and/or public servers.

4. Politics, religion, drugs, alcohol, sex and sexual orientation, violence, racism, criminal activities and illegal software or applications are not subjects to be discussed in chats—text, voice and/or in-game. Please respect others when asked to stop discussing the topic at hand.

5. Respect all players. Treat everyone with respect in Discord and in-game chats--text and voice. This includes sending unwelcomed Discord direct messages or in-game messages or whispers. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

6. No spamming is allowed. If you are not sure if it’s spam, then please don’t post it. This includes repeatedly posting the same question, commands, emojis and/or ASCII pics/drawings. Please only use commands in #bot-spam channel.

7. Posting of any pictures, files and/or URLs is not allowed by any player other than a patron or staff member. No offensive pictures are to be posted. This includes the use of offensive skins, avatars, IGNs (in-game names) and/or player status. Only pics of builds done on iskall85’s servers, pics of anything iskall85, links and/or URLs to iskall85’s YT videos, streams and/or Twitter posts are permitted.

8. Please set either your Discord name or nickname for this server to match your Minecraft IGN. This makes it easier for other players and staff members to contact you should something come up on the servers that require your attention.

9. Although not a requirement for being in our Discord, we do suggest that people set a personalized avatar to help other members of the community get to know you visually. It's like having a face to go with a name or a custom skin within Minecraft. If you need assistance with setting it up, please feel free to ask for help.

10. As a player, you are solely responsible for the security of your Minecraft account. If another user gains access to it by any means, you are still responsible for your account. Please make sure that your password is secure and that you never give it out to anyone.

11. We do not allow the sharing of Minecraft accounts. If your account is shared with another user and they break a rule which results in punishment, the punishment will remain on the account regardless of any claims that you weren't the person using the account. This could, in some cases, also lead to a punishment being carried over to other accounts you own if we believe it to be a case of you evading your punishment.

12. Respect each other's builds and property. Any player that “trusts” another player takes sole responsibility for any missing or stolen items and any griefing of their build. When building, be mindful that your neighbors may wish to extend their claim. So please don’t build too closely to them.

13. Stealing and griefing will not be tolerated on the servers regardless of whether the items are on claimed or unclaimed land.

14. Camera accounts will not be allowed on the public servers.

15. Don’t ask any of the staff to give you items and/or change your game mode.

16. Fly mods, X-ray mods and other similar game modifications are considered cheating. Any mod that gives you an unfair advantage are not allowed. Any account found to be using these cheats will be banned. This includes self-coded mods

17.There is to be no duping/glitching or converting any items.

18. Concrete color changers, iron phoenixes, laggy farms, TNT cannons and flying machines are NOT permitted on the public servers.
19. Players may not claim community builds - end portals, farms etc.
20. No Discord community member or patron can advertise/promote private servers or discords in any chat or send via direct messages.

21. No Discord community member shall at any time mispresent themselves as a staff member of the team unless they have been officially selected and have the corresponding tag in Discord.

22. Any infringement of the rules will result in a permanent ban on both Discord and the public servers.

23. Be respectful of the staff and their decisions. If you are asked to do something, please comply. They are here to help the community. Decisions made by the staff are considered “final”.

24. By continuing to chat in this Discord community and/or play on iskall85’s servers, you agree to follow the rules.

25. Community rules are subject to change without notice.