Weekly Iskallian News Issue #1

By HazDS a - Posted Apr 8, 16

First of all, whats this? Iskallian News? Well myself and the team thought it might be a nice idea update the community and the rest of the internet with what's going on in the world of Iskall. We plan to do an episode a week where we give a brief run down of what Iskall has posted over the last 7 days. We will also post information on what's been happening within our community for example builds on the fan servers or upcoming events that people are planning, Screenshot of the Month (more information to follow) and finally Comment of the Week! This will be a random comment from one of Iskall's subscribers that has particularly made him smile over the last 7 days!

So whats been happening over the last 7 days? Well, it's been an exciting week for the Iskallian community. We are currently in the process of migrating our site and forums to the Enjin platform which will help us to improve and grow. A UHC is being organized by the community (link here) and members of the Vanilla Fan Server are teaming up to take on the Ender Dragon!

Iskall's Videos

HC #18 - Iskall continues his adventures in the Hermitcraft lands decorating his base and finds a random chest full of loot!

HC #19 - In today's video, Iskall does some exploring in the Nether but doesn't have much luck. He also "gives" xisuma his equipment back.

II #59 - Iskall returns to the Island in today's video and notices his he has a few villagers in his spawner! He also lays the framework for his pirate ship build and discusses the block chart for it.

HC #20 - Another great Hermitcraft video which starts with Iskall killing a Wither.  Will he survive?

Iskall’s Vanilla Fan Server Tour – Episode 1 - And finally Iskall joins Scalda and myself on the Vanilla Fan Server for a tour!

Comment of the Week!

This weeks comment of the week comes in from BadUsername on YouTube and was posted on the Vanilla Fan Tour video!

"Iskall you've easily become my favorite hermit by far man ! :) keep up the good work"

Remember to comment and like Iskall's videos, it really does help!

Final Thoughts

That's it for the first issue of Iskallian News.  We are still thinking of ideas for this newsletter. If have any suggestions or comments, please let us know via the forums, we really appreciate the feedback!

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