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Iskall Public Servers!

HazDS a posted Aug 14, 17

Something new and amazing happened in Iskallia. A range of public servers have been launched where you can, among other things, play UHCs, create amazing builds in a plot world, or play with your friends in a survival world. And the best thing about it? You don´t have to pay a penny if you don´t want to. To join the fun connect to the server via via your Minecraft client.

Patreons of iskall85 have a badge attached to their in game name on the servers according to the tier they pledged for. There is also the possibility to buy stuff like colored names, particles surrounding your character or access to a large plot world (where it is possible to use World Edit). Visit to get an overview.

With the launch of the public servers, a public Discord channel is open for everyone to join and to meet new people. Just visit in your browser to get access.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Will there be a iskall85-Minecon-Fund-Raising stream tonight?  Follow him on Twitter to find out <3 -- @iskall85

Update:    HermitCraft Steam tonight 9PM BST (that's in 3 hours from now!) <3 See you there!

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